Changing e-Commerce and Gateway Processors

All merchants that have a payment gateway, like, also have a merchant account. But can you change one piece to make the entire program flow better and possibly protect your interests? 

Yes, merchants can choose their merchant processing provider when using payment gateways like A payment gateway acts as a bridge between the merchant’s website or point-of-sale system and the merchant processor (also known as an acquiring bank or payment processor). The payment gateway securely transmits transaction information to the processor for authorization and settlement.

When using or similar payment gateways, merchants have the flexibility to select their preferred merchant processing provider. The merchant processing provider is responsible for managing the funds transfer and settlement process, as well as providing additional services such as customer support, risk management, and reporting.  In addition, if you work with The Payment Exchange, they can configure the gateway settings for optimal success and fraud protection.  When these features are enabled, merchants regain control of how their site performs and increases the likelihood that fraud is caught sooner than later.

Merchants often evaluate different merchant processing providers based on factors such as pricing, contract terms, customer support, available features, and compatibility with their business model. It’s important for merchants to research and compare different merchant processing providers to find the one that best meets their specific needs and requirements. The payment gateway, such as, typically integrates with multiple merchant processors, allowing merchants to choose the provider that suits them best.  If you have a payment gateway like, Pay Flow Pro (PayPal), USA EPay, NMI, FluidPay, or others, call The Payment Exchange professionals for a free evaluation and assessment of your security and payment workflow.  It’s a free evaluation that could save your e-Commerce business from heartache and frustration. Call today at 877-635-8803 or email us at today.