Dining POS System

The Clover Dining Pos System

If you have found your way to this article, I am almost certain you are in search of a POS system for your restaurant. Well, the good news is that I have just what you need. Even better, I have all you need to know about the clover dining, your number one choice POS system for a restaurant is right here! Did you know that its online ordering and contactless payment features make a perfect back-to-work essential in a post-Covid environment?

Unlike the clover flex POS system that works for any small or medium business setup, the clover dining POS system is tailored to a restaurant setup. In the clover dining POS system app, one can create orders and accept payment. Moreover, it is easier to manage employee profiles and permissions concerning clover account information access. The highlight features of the clover dining app include online ordering, customized orders, customer rewards, tables plan management, and online product promotion. Now to the features!

Now to the features, but first a quick video


  • A large screen touch screen with an on-screen display for data and order input.

  • It has a separate thermal receipt printer.

  • Employee tool to aid in the management of employee permissions.

  • A barcode scanner.

  • Cash register.


  • It is a cloud-based POS system that makes it easy to access account information anytime. anywhere. This includes the web dashboard accessible through any internet-enabled computer.

  • A widescreen provides the merchant with a better view for the input of inventory as well as keying in orders.

  • The electronic signature utility not only allows the customer to append his or her signature but also verifies charges.

  • Better inventory management through the inventory tool. It allows for editing quantities as well as adding new items to the inventory.

  • Payment flexibility since the clover dining POS system accepts all types of payments i.e., cash, card, and contactless payments.

  • The customer tool makes it easy to find repeat customers and reward them through loyalty points and discounts.

  • The search tool allows you to make a quick search in the inventory to get the items you are not sure about in its category.

  • Payment processing is fast with printable paper receipts as well as electronic receipts which can be emailed or sent via text to the customer.

  • The clover ding POS system allows you to offer to customize services and meet your customers virtually exactly where they need you to be.

  • Better customer engagement through the customer tool.

  • The reporting tool creates flexibility in business management through detailed prompt reports that can be exported or printed.

  • Refund utility makes it easy to start refunds to the customer.


The clover dining, so much more than just a POS system.