Clover Flex POS System

Fast & Simple Payments

There is a lot to look at when deciding on a new credit card processing and Point-of-Sale solution. Any good POS system needs to be compatible with as many payment methods as possible. It needs to be secure, flexible, but most importantly cloud-based. Allow me to introduce you to clover flex an all-in-one POS system that will help you take your business to the next level.

The clover flex is a combination of dependable hardware with user-friendly clover software and together they make the Clover flex. While clover may not be new to the POS systems scene, Clover Flex is just getting here making a valuable addition as a one-stop POS system.

The clover flex is widely regarded as an all-in-one POS system because, in addition to accepting and processing payments, this device allows you to conveniently track stock inventory and keep sales records. Moreover, one can obtain daily, weekly, or even monthly sales reports for better business management and decision-making.

Take a quick look and see for yourself if this is right for your growing enterprise

Clover Flex features

  • It is a small mobile size hand-held POS device.

  • an internal thermal receipt printer.

  • A camera

  • A smart card slot at the bottom

  • Medium-sized merchant screen.

  • An android operating system version 5.1.1 (API Level 22, Lollipop)

  • A separate cash draw.


  • Accepts payment from Apple pay google pay and other major payment platforms. Additionally, contactless payment is also possible.

  • Has provisions for printed receipts from its inbuilt thermal printer as well as a paperless receipt that can be mailed or texted to the client.

  • It is wireless thus allowing flexibility in movement.

  • The clover flex has a small size which makes it easy to carry around.

  • Has a durable battery that can go for up to 11 hours.

  • Secure payment processing through Fiserv

  • The best part is that clover flex apps have a refund and tip utilities.

  • Clover Flex is a cloud-based POS system where inventory records are uploaded hourly.

  • Has a camera for barcode scanning.

  • In a restaurant environment, clover flex is even better one can walk to the client to take and order as well as accept payment. This translates to greater customer satisfaction.


The clover flex POS system is more than just a point of sale terminal as offers business the ease of processing payments and the flexibility to run a business from anywhere. Get one today and flex your business to the next level!