Clover GO


Clover GO is an important milestone in the business and credit card processing world, which has enabled businesses to accept payments with much ease and flexibility. Developers are continuously moving away from wired devices into the wireless space and that is what makes Clover GO an important addition to any business person. Just as the name suggests Clover GO is business on the go. This impressive piece of equipment allows you to accept payments even while on the move. The Clover GO is a package of the clover app and the clover mobile card reader. The Cover App software with compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

While the clover mobile card reader is available at The Payment Exchange, the Clover GO app is free and very much available on the play store and Appstore. Once the Clover GO app is installed on the phone or tablet the device is connected through Bluetooth. As a user, you will use clover account login details but if you don’t have one do not panic as nothing is as easy as creating a clover account and merchant account. The device uses different LED light colors of red, green and blue to signal connectivity as well as low power.

Clover GO is suitable for small service businesses such as quick-service restaurants, grocery stores, and or businesses that offer a particular service. Several features make this product from clover a darling within business circles. In addition to making table side and online ordering a reality, the Clover GO app stores customer information in the customer area making it easy to find repeat customers.

Take a look and let us know if you or your team can use such a wonderful device


  • The Clover GO device measures 2.5 in. x 2.6 in. x 0.9 inches and weighs about 4.8oz.

  • A USB cable for charging

  • An optional stand with charging capabilities.

  • A smart card slot for chip card insertion or swiping.

  • Other accessories such as a lanyard, belt clip, or charging stand.


  • Accepts payments from chip cards, Apple pay, Samsung pay, google pay, and android pay.

  • Allows one to accept payments anytime anywhere supplied there is Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

  • Affordable hardware

  • It is small which makes it fit conveniently in the pocket.

  • Can accept well over 100 payments before needing a battery recharge.

  • End to end encrypted payment processing platform guarantees financial and information safety of the customer as well as merchant

  • Free processing application that is compatible with both android and iOS.

  • Electronic receipts generated from the app once payment has been approved can be e-mailed to the client or sent to their mobile number. This makes it kinder to the environment.


The payment processing charges may inconvenience small businesses or start-ups with less than $2000.00 in projected or actual credit card processing volume.


This secure payment device is the ideal solution for accepting payments with the ease and flexibility that most businesses demand. The best part is that all payments are secure leaving you with the simple task of growing your business! Be part of the clover wireless revolution today with Clover GO!