Clover Station Duo

The Clover Station DUO and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Solution

Can you imagine what would happen in a busy restaurant setup if the POS system crashes during your busiest hour? As a server, manager, or owner you can save the day by using a Cloud-based Point-of-Sale system where you can quickly and easily continue to serve your customers and employees from any device. You can save yourself and your business from such an embarrassing moment by getting the Clover station DUO Quick Serve Restaurant POS system!

The goal is to have a fast, secure, and reliable POS system that will do all the financial and inventory heavy lifting leaving you light. At Clover, it’s all about the small things that impact the business in a big way. This means working closely with the businesses to develop POS solutions that fit and surpass merchant needs. This time it is the Clover DUO QSR which is more than just a POS terminal.

Like all Clover devices, the Clover DUO runs on Clover software that comes with utility apps like the register. In addition to accepting and processing payments, the DUO station comes with better inventory management, employee schedule, and permissions management options as well as generating sales reports. The highlight feature of the Clover station DUO is that the customer gets to start payment by using the small customer-facing screen. Other features of the Clover DUO station include:

This time it is the Clover DUO QSR which is more than just a POS terminal, take a quick video tour


  • Android OS versions 8.1 and 10.0 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor

  • An EMV chip card reader and MSR readers.

  • 2GB RAM with 16GB of removable storage

  • Optional cash register and weighing machine.

  • A 5MP camera.

  • A thermal receipt printer with printing paper rolls.

  • Ethernet and 4G lite connectivity.

  • Portable connectivity hub.


  • It is powerful and a fast payment processing device which makes it an ideal POS terminal in a busy restaurant setup.

  • Theft-proof measures through a biometric finger scan and a passcode help secure data in the DUO station.

  • It is a cloud-based POS system which means a Clover station system malfunction cannot hurt your inventory and sales records.

  • Reduced contact between the merchant and the customer since he or she can start and see the process from the second screen without having to give the card to the merchant.

  • Greater customer satisfaction through quick service, and customized discounts for repeat customers.

  • Item inventory tracking allows you to find top-grossing items, which items are most profitable, and items running low.


The Clover Station DUO Quick Serve Restaurant is tailored to meet the needs of a restaurant. It is worth every cent spent if you don’t have it then you are missing out!