iPad POS Systems

The benefits

iPad POS systems are full-featured, simple and efficient, mobile and cloud-based, smart and stylish.

By using an iPad POS system, businesses can go mobile and conduct day-to-day operations from anywhere that an Internet or cellular data network is available. In addition to mobile credit card processing and accepting other types of payments, an iPad POS system also enables businesses to manage front- and back-end operations on the go. This includes inventory tracking, employee and customer management, reporting tools, the ability to integrate daily transactions with accounting software and more.

iPad POS systems are perfect for restaurants, bars, and quick serve businesses such as coffee shops, pizzerias and food trucks – small and large businesses alike, including customizable menus, full modifiers, flexible kitchen printing, labor tracking, and real-time reporting.

Aireus iPad POS System

A complete set of sophisticated merchant services in a single, compact color device.

The iPad POS is becoming increasingly more important to restaurants as entrepreneurs try and find ways to improve servicing the guest and edging out the competition. Today’s restaurateurs are looking towards restaurant iPad POS that will be available to them via an anytime, anyplace, anywhere philosophy while having access to the same features as a traditional POS system. They want to gain mobile advantages of visual ordering, speedier service and more intuitive methods of serving guests. Imagine having the flexibility to either walk to the table with the iPad POS app or mount the iPad POS hardware on an iPad stand or wall, for mixed use all this while being affordable. Aireus offers restaurateurs a new and refreshing direction with innovative restaurant POS features.

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GlobalBay iPad POS System

Comprehensive business tools show you which products are selling, which aren’t and provide the data necessary to make the right decisions right at your fingertips.

  • Access store data anytime, anywhere, on any iOS device
  • View daily, weekly or monthly financial summaries
  • Measure the effectiveness of pricing and promotions
  • Easily export financial data to QuickBooks to save time and improve the accuracy of data

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LevelUp iPad POS System

LevelUp integrates with 40+ point-of-sale systems and dozens of e-commerce and online ordering platforms. With native support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, your business will be ready to engage with your mobile customers no matter what device they’re using.

  • Learn your customers names, demographics and habits.
  • Enrich your customer profile automatically with every payment.
  • Turn insights into action with LevelUp’s campaign engine.
  • Attract new customers, engage existing ones and lift sales trackably.

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Click on the video to see just a few of the amazing features and then contact us for your free 45-day trial.

NCR Silver iPad POS System

  • Monitor your business: use online and mobile dashboards to access reports from anywhere.
  • Stay in sync: manage sales and inventory centrally across all your locations.
  • Calibrate: set sales forecasts and manage your staff’s goals.
  • Plan: track your employees’ time and set payroll.

Capture customer information on your iPad POS system with every transaction and use the integrated e-mail marketing and loyalty program to keep them coming back. Access reports and track how well your customer retention programs are working. Review customer history and campaign data to increase sales.

Accept all forms of payment – credit cards, gift cards, cash, checks, and mobile payments too. Add multiple point of sale devices and ring up sales from anywhere, inside or store or out.

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Revel iPad POS System

This iPad POS System does much more than just process payments.

    • It can help you manage your inventory, sales, employees and stock, even ingredients for your restaurant.
    • It can manage assemblies and kits, modifiers, purchase orders, vendor information and reorder points.
    • It also checks for inventory variances that may indicate errors or shrinkage.
    • It can instantly create purchase orders, manage table layouts, support online ordering, manage bar tabs, split bills, manage payroll and print labels.
    •  It directly integrates with QuickBooks, both the software and online versions.

Revel Systems can also function fully during internet outages. It uses an iPad-compatible router to facilitate communication between devices, and the processed payments sync up as soon as an internet connection is restored. This iPad POS service provides compliant EMV Chip and PIN card readers and technologies to help you keep your customer’s data secure.

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ShopKeep iPad POS System

Save time and manage your entire inventory, including pricing and quantities, in one place. Easily add and track everything you sell with detailed item- and department-level reporting, including alerts when supplies are low.

It’s easy to turn your iPad Point of Sale into an employee time clock. Know exactly when your staff is working and what they’re selling with smart reporting. Then use role-based permissions to determine who has access to what information.

Easily capture customer info on any sale and build your marketing database. Know exactly what your customers buy and when, so you can intelligently order new products that they’ll enjoy. Stay ahead of the competition and turn your customers into your advocates.

ShopKeep’s flexible platform offers QuickBooks® integration, works with mobile payment providers like PayPal, and offers loyalty options like LevelUp and AppCard.

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TouchBistro iPad POS System

Features Your Servers Will Love

TouchBistro’s drive to offer the easy, simple, and complete POS solution means offering a POS solution that makes the life of your servers easier. From seating patrons to taking orders to cashing the table out, TouchBistro works in an intuitive way.

Take and Modify Orders with Ease

With TouchBistro, servers enter customer orders at the table which are sent directly to the kitchen or bar. No more running back and forth to a distant terminal, because the terminal is always with the server.

No hassle bill splitting

Split bills with a tap. Some diners want individual checks, one couple wants theirs on one bill, and everyone at the table wants to share the cost of the wine and the appetizers. And this is sprung on you at the last moment. No problem. TouchBistro handles it with a few simple swipes and taps. Eliminate frustration, errors, and never losing track of which diner has paid in full.

Pay-at-table in Seconds

The point of sale isn’t over at the counter cash register by a bowl full of mints. It’s at tableside. TouchBistro POS lets servers quickly process payments at tableside. No running between table and counter.

Print or Email Receipts

Give your customers an environmentally friendly option by offering to email them a bill instead of printing it. Still need paper? TouchBistro integrates with a number of industry standard printers and peripherals for easy printing of a bill after a meal.

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Vend iPad POS System

Vend is the point-of-sale, inventory, and customer loyalty software for iPad, Mac and PC  you’ll love to use. Vend is easy to set up, simple to use, with good inventory tools, remote management features and numerous reporting options.

It’s fast, responsive, and designed to work with the cash drawers and receipt printers you already own. Plus, it continues to work even if your internet connection doesn’t.

See an instant snapshot of sales and staff performance from anywhere, anytime.  Watch the short video below and you’ll be impressed!