Mobile Payment Systems

Mobile Payment Benefits for Business

Ability to accept payment away from their home base: Hosting a booth at a conference, festival or other event? Need an easy way to accept payment? Mobile payment offers businesses a simple, secure means for accepting payment away from their offices or storefronts. Our friends at the Sturgis Falls celebration jumped on board with mobile payment last summer. In some cases, it’s as simple as swiping a credit card on a nifty little peripheral for your smart phone or tablet.

Accepting mobile payments represents a significant savings in cost over today’s complicated cash register systems. Mobile credit card processing eliminates the need for pricey specialized equipment or custom software, making transactions accessible from any smartphone, with similar easy-use technology most customers and employees are already comfortable with. Shortening the learning curve saves time and money at every step, training, implementation, and processing.

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iProcess Mobile Payment System

iProcess™ is a simple, fast, and free application for Apple® and Android® devices to process credit cards anywhere in the world over a cellular or Wifi connection.

iProcess™ will process keyed or swiped transactions using cutting edge hardware encrypted card readers, geo-tag locations on the receipt where the transaction occurs, e-mail or SMS receipts, capture digital signatures, and perform partial or full refunds within the transaction history log.

The application is free to download and incurs no additional per transaction fees.


  • Simple, Fast, and Free application for Android™ devices to process credit card anywhere in the world.
  • Geotag the location of the sale on receipt.
  • Capture Digital Signatures.
  • Receipts can be sent via SMS or E-mail.
  • Run reports via Transaction History Log.
  • Perform full or partial refunds from the application.
  • Process keyed or swipe transactions with the Encrypted Swipe Solution.
  • PCI-DSS Compliant. SECURE. iProcess™ uses an encrypted card reader to protect both the merchant and consumer.  This helps provide a reliable, safe, and easy transaction for all parties involved with the security of encryption that meets PCI-DSS requirements.

ROAMpay Mobile Payment System

The Payment Exchange offers merchants a feature-rich, secure and flexible device that plugs into your compatible mobile device making it an on-the-spot payment terminal. The ROAMpay™ X4 is the most secure, easy to use and cost-effective mobile point of sale application on the market.

Click on the short video to see some of the advantages of a mobile terminal and then contact us for for your no-charge 45-day trial.