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New Credit Card Terminals 2023

Modern Credit card terminals pack a serious punch for businesses compared to those just a half-decade ago. As computers get faster and communications become easier, credit card terminal developers are steadily ramping up more features as the competition gets stronger. Newcomers like Valorpaytech have stormed onto the scene leveraging a host of payment gateway-related and integrated options guaranteed to help most small businesses. Take a look at a few of our favorites and let us know how we can help you experience The Payment Exchange difference today. Ask us about our free placement or free trial when you contact us.

Several top credit card terminal providers offer a range of functionalities and specific features that are considered most important by today’s modern businesses. Below are our most notable credit card terminal providers, mostly known for their extensive functionality and availability are listed below.


Verifone is a well-established provider that offers a variety of credit card terminals with advanced features. Their terminals often include capabilities such as NFC/contactless payments, EMV chip card acceptance, high-speed processing, integrated printers, touchscreens, and support for multiple payment types.


Ingenico is another reputable provider known for its feature-rich credit card terminals. They offer terminals with diverse functionality, including EMV compliance, NFC/contactless payments, multiple communication options (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), color touchscreens, integrated printers, and support for a wide range of payment methods.

PAX Technology

PAX Technology is a global provider that offers credit card terminals with robust functionality. Their terminals often feature EMV compliance, NFC/contactless payments, high-resolution color displays, touchscreens, integrated printers, multiple connectivity options, and support for various payment types.


Clover, a subsidiary of First Data (now Fiserv), offers a suite of credit card terminals known for their versatility and extensive functionality. Clover terminals come with features such as NFC/contactless payments, EMV compliance, built-in cameras, barcode scanners, high-resolution displays, and support for third-party apps and integrations through the Clover App Market. They are an excellent choice for Restaurants and Retail businesses. There are more than 200 applications in the App Market and most carry a monthly fee, allowing merchants to customize toward their business needs.


ValorPaytech produces a product line called Valor. It’s a provider that offers a range of credit card terminals designed for various environments, including retail countertops, mobile CDMA terminals, Virtual Terminals, and a host of additional features like e-Invoicing link-to-pay capabilities as well.  Their platform enables different terminals to report as one and process payments through a web browser too. EMV compliance, NFC/contactless payments, color touchscreens, integrated printers, encryption capabilities, and support for multiple communication options are standard on all hardware. 

It’s important to note that the specific functionality offered by each provider may vary based on the model of the credit card terminal. When evaluating the functionality of credit card terminals, consider your business requirements and call Kraig Speckert at The Payment Exchange at 877-635-8803 and ask him what he recommends. Finding the right tool for the job is very important and calling the experts at The Payment Exchange is another great way to save time and money. Call us today at 877-635-8803 or drop an email to and one of our experts will get back to you lightning quick.