Payment Gateway

What is a Payment Gateway and How Does It Work?

A payment gateway is a web-based technology that enables online or E-Commerce
and retail merchants to accept credit card purchases from customers.

Key Points:

  • Payment gateways are the consumer-facing interfaces used to collect payment
  • In physical stores, payment gateways consist of the point of sale (POS)
    terminals used to accept credit card information by card or by smartphone.
  • In online stores, payment gateways are the “checkout” portals used to enter
    credit card information to complete a sale.
  • Payment gateways connect to shopping carts and to online merchants’ websites
    that sell merchandise to customers.
  • Payment gateways are critical to the overall process for any E-Commerce online
    store, instore web-based Point-of-Sale systems, and accounting systems.
    A payment gateway can integrate into much diverse business management
    systems, Point-of-Sale systems, and can be used for single or recurring billing

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Payment gateways are an important feature of the digital economy. By allowing customers to share their credit card information safely and securely, these systems reduce some of the barriers to online commerce. While the first payment gateways consisted of simple card-reading devices, they are now sophisticated systems to collect and authenticate PIN numbers, signatures, and other data for merchant transactions. Call us today and let’s begin to explore how these solutions and many others can create the efficiencies your business needs to thrive.