Poynt Terminal

Poynt Countertop and Mobile Credit Card Terminal

In this fast-moving business world, the credit card is king or queen. They are dependable and save you the hassle of having to walk around with a wad of cash. This makes having a credit card terminal more than just a necessity for businesses. You need the best or better, yet you deserve the best and that is what Poynt mobile credit card terminal delivers.

Poynt countertop and mobile credit card terminal is a combination of sophisticated technology, user-friendly applications, and an exotic look that will sort out your credit card sales as well as cash sales. Emphasis is on smart cards payments. It comes with a range of pre-installed apps like the register, terminal, calculator among others. The best part is that you can connect it to wireless printers or USB receipt printers. Some of the printers compatible with the Poynt credit card terminal include Epson TM-T2011, Star Tsp100, Star TSP143iiU, and Epson TM-U220B. Moreover, you can also connect it to compatible cash registers like the MPOP POP10-B, APG Vasario, and Star Micronics SMD2-1317 among others.

Let us look at the features of this amazing terminal and check out this video

 Two screens; a large seller facing the screen and a small client-facing screen.
 An on-screen touchpad user interface for data input.
 An android based operating system
 Thermal receipt printer
 A camera.
 Two USB ports and an Ethernet port.
 An enhanced antenna for processing of credit card payments
 Has a magnetic strip and an EMV slot/chip reader.

Are you impressed yet with this beauty? If not, let’s see the pros because it only gets better!


 On average, the battery has a long life, and it can last up to 8 hours.
 It is reliably convenient for small businesses with a single checkout counter system.
 Has a small size which makes it easy to carry around even in the pocket!
 The camera makes it easy to scan QR and barcodes.


This POS gadget is worth every dime. For those looking to venture into smart card payment options, Poynt Mobile Credit Card Terminal is the way to go! So, swipe till you drop with the revolutionary Poynt Mobile Credit Card Terminal!