eCommerce Connector puts website sales directly into QuickBooks

Effortless, accurate QuickBooks
Once you see how seamlessly eCC Desktop updates your QuickBooks, you’ll never want to go back to manually entering orders. Sales from your online stores are automatically posted to QuickBooks, including shipping costs, taxes, and discounts.

Always in-sync inventory
Your products are the heart of your business, but keeping up with their constant flux is time-consuming and prone to errors. eCC Desktop connects your online store products with your Quickbooks so your inventory is always up to date. When you make a sale or add new products, eCC Desktop will automatically update these changes in Quickbooks. In short, eCC Desktop makes inventory errors and overselling a thing of the past.

Automatic Customer Updates
Keeping your customers in the loop can be complicated and stressful without an automated system. With eCC Desktop, your customers are automatically notified when their orders have processed, and are always provided with a tracking number. It also remembers previous customers and syncs their orders in QuickBooks. With eCC Desktop, your customers are never forgotten.

Faster, smarter shipping
With eCC Desktop, you can get your orders to your customers faster. eCC Desktop allows you to print shipping labels in batches, create pick lists to easily organize orders, and notify customers once their orders have shipped. It then automatically posts your shipping expenses to QuickBooks as a line item with your orders, making it easy to keep on top of your shipping costs.

Click on the video and see how eCC can help you.