Text-to-pay and Link-to-pay Invoicing

The Payment Exchange is proud to offer Email and Text invoicing through our E-invoicing program. Through a web portal, merchants can email, text, or process a payment directly. It’s never been easier to accept payments from your customers. In addition, this product integrates with our countertop credit card terminal, making balancing your daily records a breeze no matter how you receive payments.

Let’s dive deeper into why accepting payments via emailed invoices is so beneficial to modern businesses today.

Merchants should consider emailing invoices with a link to pay feature for several reasons:

  1. Convenience for customers: By sending an email invoice with a link-to-pay feature, merchants can provide a convenient and easy way for customers to make payments. Customers can quickly and easily pay their invoices online without having to write a check or go to a physical location.
  2. Faster payment processing: Email invoices with a link-to-pay feature can help merchants process payments faster than traditional payment methods, such as checks or cash. The payment is made electronically and can be deposited directly into the merchant’s account, reducing the time and cost of processing payments.
  3. Increased cash flow: Email invoices with a link-to-pay feature can help merchants improve their cash flow by receiving payment faster. This can help reduce the time it takes to receive payment and improve the merchant’s ability to manage cash flow.
  4. Reduced errors: Electronic payments made through email invoices with a link-to-pay feature can help reduce the risk of errors associated with manual processing. This can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of payment processing for both merchants and customers.
  5. Environmentally friendly: Email invoices with a link to pay feature can help reduce paper waste and contribute to more environmentally friendly business practices.

Overall, sending email invoices with a link-to-pay feature can provide several benefits for merchants, including convenience for customers, faster payment processing, increased cash flow, reduced errors, and environmental sustainability. It’s important for merchants to carefully evaluate their invoicing and payment processing needs and choose a solution that is appropriate and that enhances their overall workflow.

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