Valor Credit Card

Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal

Carrying vast amounts of money can be tiresome especially if you are planning to pay bills for different commodities. That’s where the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal comes in. All you need is just swipe your card and all the payments are done! I believe this has made work much easier considering we are trying to encourage cashless payments due to the pandemic. Now that we know what the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal does, let’s look at some of its outstanding features and why you should consider buying it.

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  1. 3.5-inch Capacitive Color Touch Screen

In terms of contrast and clarity, the 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen does an excellent job. Furthermore, capacitive screens are far more sensitive and can work with multiple inputs supplying a user-friendly experience

  1. Multiple connectivity4G/3G/WIFI/Blue tooth

Since the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal has multiple connectivity points, it is easier to not only share data but also access various networks that can streamline the entire process.

  1. High-Capacity Li-ion Rechargeable battery

The high-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery is a long-life battery which means there will be less charging of the device. Less charging means that the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal is convenient since it offers a longer time of usage.

  1. Electronic Signature Capture

This is an amazing feature for fighting chargebacks. With the electronic signature capture, customers have the choice of receiving their receipts through texts, SMS, or email receipt. For every transaction made a digital receipt will always be stored in the Valor Merchant portal further reducing your paper costs as well.

  1. Contactless Payment Illuminated Card Reader

Some of the contactless payment options that come with the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal include eWallet options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. In other words, employees and merchants can transact without having to touch the customer’s card. Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal also comes with an illuminated card reader which limits physical contact between the customer’s card and the merchant.


For those deciding which credit card terminal to choose; the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal is the way to go. It’s a feature-rich device that rivals more costly models and the user experience are much higher. It supports contactless payment options making it ideal for business that has resumed operations and intends to adhere to COVID-19 health guidelines. It is 100% worth it!